Haley's Corner

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Dogs of the North Wind

OK, here is what is on my mind. I'm HOT! And it's HOT AROUND HERE!!!!! I'm pretty sure I am not in Kansas anymore. Our North Winds are hotter than Hades and all the trips to the river and cool baths my sidekick is offering, are just not the same as say, laying around in the snow. Ahh the crystal mornings with the dew drop falling. The snow. The beautiful crisp yet delicate snow. Tonight I will wish for a miracle out of nowhere. For snow to appear in a heat index of 100.

There is an upside to the heat...more trips to the river and more chances to trade tennis balls with other ball loving dogs. Except if you run into the 'selfish dog'. I shall explain. Yesterday, while at the river bank, my sidekick was stubbornly wishing I would just bring the ball wouldn't so she wouldn't have to walk a whole 5 feet to go pick the ball up herself!....She and I just stood there. Staring at each other. Meanwhile Cereus (a very serious black lab mix) came from out of nowhere. Got right under me and took my ball!!!!!!!!!!!!! And he didn't even offer the other ball that he had stashed in his rather large mouth, up for exchange!

*sigh* dog etiquette escapes some.

Anyway, carry on my wayward friend, your karma is right behind you. Speaking of karma, I think I must be doing well with my diet karma, because today my sidekick brought home some doggy ice cream for me. She really can be sweet sometimes..and speaking of sweet, that ice cream was tasty! Maybe I'm officially OFF of my diet. Just in time for all those summer bbq's.

Well, everyone does need something to believe in.

I do feel thinner.

That is all. My sidekick is going to the ice box again to retrieve an ice cube for me. Bless her unconditional un-airconditioned heart.


Saturday, June 04, 2005

Rave On!

Hello all! Well, now that summer is fully upon us here in the great midwest, I am spending more time outside. More time = finding balls. ALL OVER THE PLACE! Some I find just on the edge of someone's lawn and sometimes my sidekick lets me pick them up. Others I find in the street up against a curb, or laying on grates near gutters. My favorites are those hiding in the tall grass up against fences at parks and school yards.

I'm thinking of developing some sort of ball/bag-harness thingy I can strap onto my back, so that I may carry all these treasures home with me! I usually end up carrying one in my mouth and the sidekick (depending on how dirty the treasure is...) carries it herself.

Nice girl I got there.

But then for the rest of the night, I just think about all the balls out there that I was unable to bring home. *Sigh* But today is another day, and so off we go. And it's been raining for a few hours, so if I find any balls today, they should nice and ripe!