Haley's Corner

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Got to, got to, got to!

I have neglected my Blogging Post for a week now! Yikes!! I have been enjoying everyone else's work though. Selfish....I am selfish, yes I admit it! I got to, have to, feel the need to ....get a camera soon! Soooo many missed opportunities. Especially last weekend when Peroshki and Cal brought their packs over! So many humans and three dogs. We played outside, we played inside, we got to eat things off the floor when noone was looking. We restled, played tag and all took little naps. Until one stirred and the other two had to check out what was happening without them. An especially good photo op was missed when Peroshki ran to seek solitude on the couch, only to find that he was more easily found by Cal and I AND at eye level!!! He'd bury his face in the corner of the couch thinking he was *hiding*. He's so cute.

It's still *chilly* here where we live and I believe my human has come down with a "cold." Sneezing and coughing and keeping me up all night. If she wasn't so cute, I'd put her outside to sleep.

j/k - More later. Maybe I'll have a camera by then.


Friday, May 06, 2005


This morning I woke up and was pleasantly relieved when my yucky old tennis ball that I had gone to sleep next to, was still there by my right elbow. I smelled it, nudged it with my nose, and somehow while I was thinking about all the places I wanted to take it this morning, I fell back asleep, and dreamed.

My yellow ball
is like the sun
I wake and think
of all the fun
we'll have today
for it is like
a summer day
so clear and bright

my tennis ball
i keep so near
because sometimes
it disappears
and this i think
is very weird
for I do not move it
and this is clear

ahh my yellow ball
well it used to be
is really brown
and a bit less fuzzy
but that is when
it tastes the best
and for this reason
I cannot rest

okay i think
i'm safe for now
i'll just take a nap
and let my eyelids bow
and it will stay right
near my head
and it shall not move
it will be like lead

ahh my tennis ball
i love it so
brings such joy
for all who know
the simple joys
of the tennis ball
so cute, so dirty
it has it all.


Sunday, May 01, 2005

Size Really Doesn't Matter

My weekend is coming to a close and it has been a good one. My pal Peroshki got a bath yesterday and it was ...well, how should I say? It was entertaining. For me anyway.

When I get a bath, I hop into the bathtub and my sidekick uses the spray thingy and she covers me with oatmeal shampoo while feeding me treats when I stand still, fighting the urge to shake, shake, shake! It’s so hard not to shake sometimes. Peroshki's bath was different. First of all, I don't know how *his* pack normally gives him baths, but he does not like that spray thingy for sure. He kept looking up and turning around staring at it, wondering what the heck it was going to do to him! The sidekick lathered him up and he shook and shook and snorted and squirmed and sneezed and got the sidekick all wet and sudsy. I kept looking at him whispering when I could "Just stand stiiiiill. It will go faster that way. You'll be out in noooooo time. Just stop shaking so much....you gotta settle down!"

Well, after his bath, the sidekick was all exhausted so I did not get a bath. Which is fine with me, because I doubt even a BATH will get me treats these days. Soon after he was dry, Peroshki got all feisty! He has this little stuffed bear that he brought from his house. He would take in his mouth and bring it to me, drop it, look up at me and as I would make a move to nab it, he would snatch it up and start running around the house!

He'd run and run, his little muscular legs taking him as fast as he could! And being a rather small dog, he could go into places where I couldn't! At one point he ran under a plant stand and as I waited on the other side for him to run out, I realized just how small he is! When he did finally come out from underneath the stand, he was running at top speed (and still, remember...it took him nearly 8 seconds to run the length of a very narrow plant stand) clinching onto that bear in mouth! He was so happy to be playing with his cute little bear, or just to be out of the bath or something! Ahhhhh, little Peroshki.

Today is the last day Peroshki stays with us. Tomorrow his pack returns and our lives will return to the way they were before he stayed with us. We will see each other sometimes in the back yard or while we are out on walks. But I will miss my tiny friend. I have told him how easy and fun blogging is, and how he can probably use his pack's computer to blog...of course keeping aware of the safety issues that go along with using keyboards, and hopping up onto high places with no safety net to catch him, etc. (He forgets how small he is I think.) But I understand, because he has some pretty grand ideas about things. Big wonderful ideas come from little bundles of fur. That's why I have encouraged him to do the blogging thing.

Peace to the all the small things in our lives that bring us such large bouts of joy!