Haley's Corner

Saturday, September 08, 2007

How The Ball Drops

There is the door.
I have my ball.
I am ready.
That is all.

See me here.
Do not stall.
While I sit.
I hold my ball. .

The car is waiting.
Right outside.
I know where it is.
It is our ride.

Let us go.
I will whine and rush.
You will think
"Oh Haley, hush."

I will be good.
You know I will.
I know where the car is.
I sit still.

You are walking.
Walking around.
Whatever you need,
Cannot be found.

Yes, lace your shoes.
Please comb your hair.
Walk over here.
Now walk over there.

It is fine.
I can wait.
I hold my ball.
It is my fate.

What are you looking for?
I lie down.
I hold my ball.
You walk around.

Jingle jangle.
You found your keys.
You are so funny.
I almost sneeze.

I hold it in.
Because if I did not.
My ball would blow
Like a juggernaut.

Are you ready now?
You stand over me.
Grab the leash.
Your keys I see.

Ball is in my mouth.
To the car we go.
It smells good out here.
The wind, it blows.

Unlock the car.
Open the back door.
I scootch up toward you.
I want no more.

You jingle jangle.
Get in your seat.
Turn on the car.
Adjust the beat.

This, the best part.
To me, you say..
“Come on up here Haley."
I do not delay.

In the front seat.
You lower the glass.
I sit back and think,
'Our moment at last..'

With a sigh of calm,
My breathing stops.
I exhale.
And my ball, it drops.