Haley's Corner

Monday, July 18, 2005

We Are The Dogs

While riding in the car the other day, my sidekick was changing the music station every 2 seconds the way she does sometimes, trying to find that 'oh so perfect' song to listen to, and she ended up just shutting the radio off. Which is fine by me, because the speakers are in the back of the car, which is where I sit. And I prefer (in case anyone is wondering *eh hem*) quiet.

So we're driving around all afternoon. She parks, leaves the windows and the sunroof open, and I lay down and wait for her return. Then we drive a little bit, and then she parks, leaves the windows, etc. and I lay down....well sometimes I get up into the front seat and sit in her spot.....and wait for her return.

Throughout this period of time, driving, parking, waiting, she is off and on with the radio. At one stop, she returns to the car with some packages (and a nice chewy for me. Good sidekick, good sidekick.) She's humming something.

Over and over, humming. Sometimes, interjecting words. Like that word? In-ter-jec-ting. At one point, she just sings out loudly, really loud:

"We are the world.
We are the children.
We are the ones who make a better day,
so let's start giving."

Or living. Living or giving, I couldn't tell for sure. Anyway, sounded like a nice enough song. Until........

two days later, it's still stuck in my head. This has never happened to me before! At one point, yesterday, I thought it was gone, but ohhhh noooo, there it was.... in the back of brain, quietly, whispering. My sidekick's voice. It may be permanently lodged in my brain, it's hard to know for sure with these things. But one thing I do know, is that I came up with my own version. For us dogs. And this is how it goes.

"We are the dogs.
We are the lap dogs.
We are the ones who keep you company,
so come and feed us.

There's a ball, it's rolling,
it's rolling near your chair.
Why don't you just pick it up,
and throw it there.

We are the Chows.
We are the Poodles.
We are the ones who lick up spi-ilt milk,
and yucky noodles.

We don't need to be brushed.
We want to go for rides.
So get your shoes on ri-ight now,
let's go ouside.

We are the muts.
We are the Bulldogs.
We are the Collies and the Terriers,
who bring you dead frogs.

We are so darn cu-uute.
You love us and that is why,
you should save us half that hamburger,
and half those fries.

We are the Shephards.
We are the Bichons.
We are the ones who sleep in hal-lways,
and don't like Dijon.

We protect and keep you,
safe from the mail-man.
We bark at everything in site,
just cause we can.

We are the Pit Bulls.
We are Retrievers.
We are the ones that will chew your socks
and eat phone receivers.

We are black and yellow
we're spotted and we're small.
We want to be with you all the time
Happy, one and all.

We are the dogs
We are the lap dogs
We are the ones who keep you company
so come and feed us.

We are the dogs....."

now, I'm afraid, it may be stuck in your heads too!